August 9 – Paula Olga Anna Püstow

This blog is a “today in my family tree” meets “cousin bait”…

On August 9, 1792 Louis XIV. gets crowned as King of Bohemia.

And almost 100 years later, on August 9, 1890 does England transfer the island of Helgoland under German administration.

And additional two years later, we celebrate the birthday of Paula Olga Anna PÜSTOW.

She was born on August 9, 1892 in Kastahn in the parish of Diedrichshagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

She was the second oldest of four children (two girls and two boys) born into the marriage of the fee farmer Wilhelm Joachim Heinrich Theodor PÜSTOW and his wife Margarethe Henriette Magdalene née Ehlers.

church & cemetary Diedrichshagen

church & cemetary Diedrichshagen

She received her christening in the church of Diedrichshagen on September 4, 1892.

The same church she got confirmed into the lutheran religion on March 24, 1907.

And so far that is the last trace I have of her. That’s why I call on every PÜSTOW out there… any connections to Diedrichshagen?




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