I’m not Irish anymore

Ancestry has updated their DNA Ethnicity Estimates. And with these updates there have been some changes to my estimates, too. To be very honest, nothing really fancy or too surprising. But the worst part? I am not Irish anymore.. so far I had a low confidence of 1% and I bought directly into it. I … Continue reading I’m not Irish anymore


52 ancestors – Family heirloom

Bad news - I have to pass on this one. Well, not really pass, I just have to postpone it. I am sitting on packed boxes as I am moving houses mid March. Why is my stuff packed then already? Because it was planned to move next weekend, but the new apartment will be renovated … Continue reading 52 ancestors – Family heirloom

52 ancestors – what’s with this Valentine?

This week's prompt for the 52 ancestors challenge is "Valentine". How fitting for the week of February 14. Let's see what we have here. I don't have any Valentine or Valentina in my family tree. Really! I double checked. So I went for the date. February 14 - what happened on my family tree? And … Continue reading 52 ancestors – what’s with this Valentine?

52 ancestors – the favourite name

This week's prompt is really interesting as in last week's genchatDE (the German version of the genchat) we had a discussion on names. How it is not helpful when ancestors carry the same names in different variations. Like Sophia Maria or Maria Sophia or just Sophia or Maria. So many of my ancestors and family … Continue reading 52 ancestors – the favourite name