Maybe a hint on my Nicolaus family?

I have two main family lines: Schmidt is my fathers name, Nicolaus my mothers.

Since my Moms family is from East Prussia which is in today’s Poland and quite difficult to research I mostly focussed on my Dads family.

But every once in a while I take a look at those Nicolaus. And some of the best records I have is about them. You might remember Albert Karl Julius Nicolaus, my greatgrandfather. Or Else Nicolaus, my greataunt.

I already told you once about Eva Nicolaus, her sister. Here a short summary of what I “knew” or hear about her:

  • born abt. 1898 in Königsberg, East Prussia
  • married to a Hans (or Wilhelm) Matthis
  • divorced or widowed during WWII
  • remarried a british officer and moved to Liverpool

And then I had a success in my research for Else. Barbara Schenk, another genealogy blogger helped me out and via her I got 2 obituaries for Else.

obituary Elsie Nicolaus

obituary Elsie Nicolaus

There it is mentioned that she is survived by two sisters:

  • Mrs. Eva Phillips and
  • Mrs. Lilo Lynch, both in Australia

Now I had at least the married family names for her sisters. Although I still have to figure out the real relationship with Lilo Lynch née Berger, from my understanding she was a stepsister of Eva and Else. If not, I have a wrong information on the mother of the two 😉

My next step was to turn to the various google+ genealogy groups I am a member of. Since both were mentioned to live in Australia I started with the Genealogy & Family History Australia & New Zealand and this was my post:

in the obituary of my great grand aunt who died in New Jersey, USA in 1969 it is mentioned that she is survived by her sister Eva Phillips in Australia. The only thing I know about her is the following (all family history, nothing proven yet): born as Eva Nicolaus abt. 1898 in Koenigsberg, East Prussia, Germany she was married to a Hans (or Wilhelm) Matthis, they got seperated at WWII and she supposedly married a british Army officer, they moved to Liverpool and went on to Australia. I have no idea when and how. Any ideas, where to start in Australia?

And I received some great replies to it. One was from Kerryn Taylor, an Australian Genealogist and she found an Eva L Nicolaus marrying a Phillips in Q2/1949 in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales. She actually found two records for that place in the quarter: One John P Phillips married (surname) Matthew Or Nicolaus and the other Perce J Phillips and Matthes Or Nicolaus.  Two matching spouses Eva L Nicolaus and Eva L Matthes.  Perhaps two records for same marriage?

And because she read through my older blogs she stumbled over Lily or Lilo Lynch née Berger. She also found a marriage in Q2/1947 in Surrey, England for a Lieselotte Berger and Eric S Lynch. Could that be my Lily or Lilo?

She referred me to the site where I could find the indices for the marriage records. With that information I could go to and order those records for Eva and Lily.

And now I keep my fingers crossed that those are really “MY” Eva and Lily.

Wish me luck 😉


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