My Ancestor Score 2022

I cannot believe I am one day late although I really wanted to publish this on time for Valentine’s Day.

I even committed on Cathy Meder-Dempsey’s blog on her Ancestor Score for 2022

I did make some progress in 2021 – and in the first month of 2022. But I also had a set back as I had to realize that I had falsely “identified” my 4th great grandparents.

Ancestor Score Barbara Schmidt as of Feb 14, 2022

I have the first break in my 5th generation where I cannot find the parents of my great-grandmother Anna PETZ from Korschen in East Prussia (today’s Korsze in Poland).

But I was a bit more successful one generation up. I concentrated a lot more on my mother’s family tree last year and could identify the parents of my 2nd great grandfather Gottfried David RIBBE.

And just the last couple of weeks I was successful on my father’s side in Saxony again. Archion published the digitized church records from the respective archive which meant some nightshifts 🙂

This is the baptism entry of my 4th great grandmother Friederica Dorothea Maria ESCH from 1803.

And guess what I found? My fifth direct line with the last name SCHMIDT. As if four are not enough already!

Do you build your ancestor score? It is a nice gimmick, I have to admit.

2 thoughts on “My Ancestor Score 2022

  1. Tanks for your ancestor score statistics. With your surname Smidt it’s apparently like my surname Bos in The Netherlands. I’ve identified multiple seperate Bos families among my ancestors.


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