Ha! I’m Irish!

Okay, my fellow RootsTechers and Rootstechettes, you asked for it 🙂

For three days back in February I listened to the complaints that there is not enough German data in the reference pool and was I almost “forced” to take a DNA test.

Well, not forced.. I was all in for this kind of experiment. Always an early adopter.

And here they are!

My AncestryDNA results

Ethnicity Estimate

Except for the 15% Great Britain, nothing of that is really surprising. I wouldn’t have guessed that percentage that high.

And what shall I say? I’m Irish!!

I think I will fully concentrate on my Irish heritage now. Everybody loves the Irish. Best Football fans ever!! (Soccer for you guys across the pond) 🙂

Enough kidding, even if the estimate is not surprising, I am very curious about my DNA matches. I already received the first message. I even had it in my mailbox before I could review my DNA results. This can be an exciting journey!



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