WOL – For a moment like this

I often get asked “Why do you get engaged so much in Working Out Loud (WOL)?”

That is actually a great question and deserves a series of answers. And I could write a blogpost regarding all of the following answers (and will, I am sure):

  • I love to network
  • I love to connect and exchange ideas with experts
  • a rather selfish one: I am sure that almost all of my challenges have been faced by someone else – let’s face it, I am no rocket scientist
  • I love to learn new things
  • I love to see how people develop
  • closed doors? Not for me.. I love to open them

But today, there is a special answer to that question. Today it’s because of moments like this:


Katharina Krentz from Bosch arranged for a very special Skype session during WOL week “Working Out Loud in other companies”.

The members of the “famous” #WOLDeluxe circle (next to Katharina and myself that’s Lukas Fütterer from Daimler, Petra Hock from Audi and Sabine Kluge from Siemens) met 40 interested #WOLers from Bosch and were ready for a Q&A. No matter if they would like to know how we personally used WOL or how we embedded it in our companies – or are working on embedding it.

We started with a short introduction round and off we went. Katharina collected the questions in the comment box to have it organized. It was a really interesting exchange. Something we could do more often, if you ask me.

Thanks to members of the Bosch Co-Creation team for bringing the session to twitter. Watch out for the hashtags #wolweek and #bosch.

I didn’t want to share content of that session in this blogpost – no, I wanted to share a moment like this.

This is why I love “Working Out Loud”

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