What a surprise! One lovely blog award for me

I am very  humbled to have received a nomination for the "one lovely blog award" from Sally Knudsen (Sally Searches)  - thank you very much, Sally! I really just love your blog, I have to say. I am just waiting for the day that your Schmidt from Germany show a relation to mine 😉 And … Continue reading What a surprise! One lovely blog award for me

Can’t believe I missed my blogiversary!

But I have a good excuse.. I was on vacation 😉 Happy belated blogiversary to me!! It was on July 19, 2013 that I decided to start this blog. Without giving it a second thought, I have to admit. I attended a webinar concerning "cousin bait" and thought blogging about my family research would be … Continue reading Can’t believe I missed my blogiversary!

My Working Out Loud (WOL) Journey

Work Out Loud (WOL)  – a term I came across for the first time via my Coach John Stepper on the internal collaboration platform at work. When I started following him there and read his contributions I was hugely impressed by his enthusiasm and his spirit (still am btw). I wanted to know  more about this “Work Out Loud" thing … Continue reading My Working Out Loud (WOL) Journey

Further exploring the “whole new world”

With my post "A Whole New World" I described how one special book found at the flea market started my fascination for corporate history.It started with this one company I wanted to find out more about. But this one wasn't enough. The topic itself intrigued me. How did other corporates handle it? Did they at … Continue reading Further exploring the “whole new world”