52 ancestors – the favourite name

This week's prompt is really interesting as in last week's genchatDE (the German version of the genchat) we had a discussion on names. How it is not helpful when ancestors carry the same names in different variations. Like Sophia Maria or Maria Sophia or just Sophia or Maria. So many of my ancestors and family … Continue reading 52 ancestors – the favourite name

Invite to dinner – #52ancestors – the perfect red cabbage

It is time for week 4 of our "52 ancestors challenge". The prompt for this week is "invite to dinner" and I immediately knew what I wanted to write about. This is a letter from my grandmother which I found some time back while going through a box I brought back with me from the … Continue reading Invite to dinner – #52ancestors – the perfect red cabbage

Longevity – my most stubborn brick wall

Here it is, week three of the "52 ancestors challenge" by Amy Johnson Crow. Topic of the week: Longevity. You could see this topic from various different angles. Who was your most long living ancestor could be a great blogpost. But I immediately thought about my 3rd great-grandmother  Anna Catharina Dorothea GROTH. Why? Well, she … Continue reading Longevity – my most stubborn brick wall