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CONNECTING THE WORLDS – this is exactly what this blog is doing. Here, I am connecting the dots between my worlds: Genealogy, Working Out Loud and Workplace of the Future.

The one thing the all have in common? In all three worlds we are moving away from analog to digital, that’s my passion and that’s the knowledge I can share.

Feel free to look around, explore my worlds and if you find something interesting, leave me a note.


Barbara Schmidt, Kriegkstrasse, 31, 60326 Frankfurt

email: connectingtheworlds@gmail.com


21 thoughts on “About / Über mich

  1. ahnenforschung ist wirklich etwas das süchtig machen kann. ich kann es ganz langsam merken, wie mich diese sucht in ihren bann zieht.
    viel spass beim weiterforschen. ich komme wieder.


  2. Welcome Barbara, it’s great to meet you. I was born in Germany but have been in the states for most of my life. How I wish I retained my German! All of my maternal family was/is in Germany (Augsburg). I am attempting to research my German ancestors but not so easy from here in California. I will enjoy reading your posts.


  3. Thank you Barbara, I have some wonderful old German documents that I wish I could read. I appreciate the offer. I enjoy reading your blog.


  4. I have enjoyed reading your blog, Barbara, I am looking for my german ancestors, great great grandmother, Sophie Dorothee Schmidt who married Heinrich Christian Friedrich Niemann, they had a son, Ernst Paul Niemann, born October 24, 1883, in Stassfurt, Germany, was wondering if there is a connection between your family lineage and ours, I did see where you have found ancestors in Stassfurt which is where I believe my great great grandmother came from, any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


    • Hi Aldeen, I am glad that you like reading my blog! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any connection between your Schmidt and mine. And I couldn’t find anything online on a Schmidt-Niemann connection. Do you by chance know when and to where they emigrated? You can contact me at barbara-schmidt(at)t-online(dot)de


      • Hi Barbara,
        Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, but missed the question you asked about their immigration, to my knowledge I think they stayed in the Stassfurt area, my grandfather emigrated to Boston, Massachusetts in 1896 to stay with his sister, Anna until he came to Butler County, Nebraska, to live out his life here. The only information I have about his mother’s name would be on his birth certificate which shows Sophie Dorothee Niemann geborene Schmidt, her husband was Bergarbeiter Heinrich Christian Friedrich Niemann. The birth certificate is stamped Standesamt Stassfurt.


  5. I have a “Translate” button on my Blogger website. I hope if People from the Pond come and visit they see it? Site looks Great Barbara. I’m always drawn to your stories!


    • Thanks for stopping by and I am glad that you like it! I like the idea with the “translate” button, but I just tried it on your site and I can say the German translation is.. well.. it has room for improvement 😉 It is really hard to read through it. But I have to say that Google translate is still the best out there.


  6. Hi Barbara, I love your blog, and your writing. Since a number of my ancestors came from Germany, perhaps we will find we connect somewhere! I am so impressed with your blog, that I want to award you this Liebster award! YOu are almost beyond being qualified for it–as it is given to peole who have GREAT blogs but less than 200 followers! Perhaps it will help you attract a few more! If you will visit my page about this award, you will see that you have to earn it! You can download the badge and add it to your media gallery to insert into a post or a page! Hope you join us, your blog deserves to be recognized even more! Helen



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