52 Ancestors – my most favourite photo

“I actually cannot decide on my most favourite photo as I have two!”

Since I can remember, this picture as been in a photo album my grandfather created for my mother. It is my great grandmother (his mother) Agnes Klara Hedwig RIBBE, born October 8, 1878 in Staßfurt, Saxony-Anhaltina, Germany- she died way too young on September 16, 1925 in Halle, Saxony-Anhaltina, Germany.

Agnes Klara Hedwig Ribbe 1878 -1926

From that perspective and angle she so much looks like my mother!

I just love her hair. I always wondered how long it was when she had not tied it up. My grandfather told us that she had a hairdresser come to her house twice til three times a week to attend her.

And this is the other one – this time it is my father’s side.

This is my great grandmother Emma Catharina OHRT with her six children. The youngest little blonde one is my grandmother Margarethe Katharina Emma SCHMIDT (yes, that’s when the SCHMIDT came in!). This picture is from Lübeck, Germany.

I don’t know anything about when and why this picture has been made. I am guessing around 1916 as my grandmother was born 1912.

And I just love how I can recognize some of the children from the people I knew around 70 years later!

What is your favourite picture?

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