My Ancestor Score 2021

Well – almost on Valentine’s Day. I am just 6 days late.

I am keeping track of my ancestor score since 2014 and I still love to update my little table every year. It is a different kind of visualizing my family research.

I was already nudged on Twitter about my Ancestory Score for 2021 – so here we go!

I am still stuck with the parents of my great grandmother Anna Maria PETZ from Korschen in Eastprussia (today’s Korsze, Poland).

I just can’t find anything on Anna Maria and her parents. The only documentation I found on her name was a side note in my grandmother’s marriage record. Unfortunately, my grandmother died when I was only 3 years old any my mother doesn’t know anything about her grandmother as Anna Maria supposedly died during or after childbirth of her youngest child in 1927.

New 4x great grandparents

Thanks to the Allenstein project I found a new pair of 4x great grandparents though. The Allenstein project is a crowdsourcing transcribing project of the digitized records of the Allenstein archvies (today’s Olsztyn in Poland).

The records I needed weren’t transcribed yet, but I could browse the digitized documents directly on the website of the archive and found my great great great great grandparents Kristups WASNA and Annike BRINKIKE from today’s Lithuania.

So I confirmed three new names for my ancestor score during the last year. That doesn’t seem much, I have to admit. But the further you go back, the harder it gets.

And I have found some “possible ancestors”, but those are not confirmed yet. I hope I can provide you with an improved score for Valentine’s Day 2022!

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