52 ancestors – Namesake

I can’t believe we are just 6 weeks into the 52 ancestors challenge from Amy Johnson Crow and I am already 3 weeks behind.

It is amazing how time flies when you are busy. I am co organising the “Genealogica” the first ever virtual genealogy conference in the German speaking area and although it is super fun and I am very exited, it is a lot of work and eats up my lunchbreaks, nights and weekends!

But I love this challenge and I promise to come up to speed. I will just post more than one a week until I am back on schedule.

I am on week three and the theme is “namesake”

I could write a lot about how in my Dad’s family most of my male ancestors in the rural Mecklenburg-Schwerin area of Germany were named Johann Joachim Heinrich Carl Christian or any combination of those names.

And most of the women had any combination of Emma Dorothea Sophia Maria.

Which doesn’t make family research easier especially if parents gave their children the exact same combination of names and just changed the “calling name”. And no, not everytime the first child bearing the name was dead when the second was born. I wonder if they just took the easy route 🙂

But going through my family tree for this blogpost I suddenly realized one thing:

I don’t have a namesake! I am the only Barbara in my family as far as I can go back. No matter if on my Dad’s side or my Mom’s.

I have two other “Barbara” in my family tree but they are “greatgrandmothers of the father-in-law of the second cousin” or something like that.

Which made me realize: I am unique!

And with that I leave you for week 3 of the 52 ancestors challenge 🙂

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