52 ancestors in 52 weeks – Beginnings

For the year 2021 I decided to join Amy Johnson Crow’s challenge of “52 ancestors in 52 weeks” again. I hardly blogged the last year in this space and I want to focus on writing again in 2021.

The theme for the first week is “Beginnings” and that is quite fitting, I think.

How did I start with family research?

It was a typical scene at a family gathering, I cannot remember if it was a birthday or a wedding, but it was one of this “big” family socializing events. And all the time I heard about “uncle this” and “aunt that”. And after a while me as a teenager had no idea anymore who was who, who was married to whom and who were the parents of whom.

And then I remembered one advice my Dad gave me when I started reading “The Buddenbrooks” by Thomas Mann. It is a great piece of world literature about a family in my hometown. And the first pages are full of names. It took me three starts to finish the book.

The advice my Dad gave me? “Write it down”

Writing down the names and the connections of the family saved my life reading this book.

And this is exactly what I did that day – I wrote it down. And this is how I started my first family tree. Unfortunately, it got lost in one of the several moves in my life – but I vividly remember it and the moment I started and how hooked I immediately got.

So, take this as a new beginning of this blog “Connecting the worlds”. And as in during the past challenges, I am very curious what kind of stories about my ancestors I will reveal.

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

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