Getting ready for RootsTech London

Two years ago, in February 2017, I had the possibility to attend the RootsTech in Salt Lake City, Utah for the first time. And so far the only time, I have to say.

It was a great experience to see so many exhibitors, classes, courses and speakers on Genealogy. I was almost overwhelmed with all the input I received and taken aback on the professionality this conference was organized.

Last year, we heard the first rumors that RootsTech would make it across the pond. Of course I was hoping for Germany, but the organizers decided for London.

I guess the most important reason for that was the common language. I still think, UK is not the best choice – Brexit being only one reason. The other one is that London is one of the most overpriced cities I ever had the joy of living in.

BUT after a lot of checking prices for traveling and accomodation, I finally had everything arranged. I had my RootsTech Pass, my flight and a nice affordable AirBnB close to the ExCel, where the RootsTech will be hosted.

And going through the collection of customer cards in my kitchen cabinet, I found 4 Oyster cards and a Starbucks UK card with some money on them. Yay me!

There is just not enough time!!

I sat down yesterday to update my RootsTech app, which I totally love and work through the schedule.. oh geeze.. I definetly have not enough time to attend every lecture, meet everyone I want to meet and visit every exhibitor on my list.

You see that is the problem with “preparation” – I get so overwhelmed with the schedule and program that I want to see it all. And then of course there are people holding lectures and presentations which I know and I would like to support the morally.

But sorry folks, I think you have to survive without me this time 🙂

I will try to join as many DNA lectures and classes as possible as I have a huge knowledge gap there.

Then I have some technology classes on my list.

And I’m looking forward sooo much to Dan Snow! I follow him on twitter for a while now and supported the DigHill80 project which he and Robin Schäfer, a German military historian worked on, via a crowdfunding campaign. I hope I can make it through to him to get my starstruck selfie. So if you ever find yourself between him and me, just step aside 🙂

I really look forward to RootsTech London – to meet people I only know virtually so far. And to meet others again I haven’t seen since RootsTech 2017.

Who else of you will be there?

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