Murphy’s Law – even with documents

Sometimes, I think that Murphy is out to fool me 🙂

I am hosting the #genchatDE, the German version of #genchat. And we had the topic of “helping hands”, meaning that the attendees just came with their questions, brick walls, dead ends and the community would jump in and try to help.

I am not only the host but also an attendee, so I had my own try. And without a lot of hope I added my question

It is the question for any information on Harry Koppetsch who supposedly died 1934 or 1936 in a drunk-and-drive car accident.

During the last years I was looking left and right and I constantly check without any success.

And what should I tell you? Lynn Broderick, one of the few Americans taking part in our German #genchatde replied with the following

She really found something and pointed me to a publication on the car accident back in 1935

article death harry koppetsch


It is a newspaper article on the verdict of manslaughter of the driver killing Harry in Bergen County.

I was like .. are you kidding me?? I  am constantly checking all my sources and now they have it? I was so grateful and once I was back from vacation I started my trial on to read the article in detail.

At least now I have an exact date and place of death. Which means, I can go on and try to find out more on Harry and the circumstances of his death.

So my next question: Where do I find death records from Englewood Cliffs, Bergen County, NJ?

Thanks to the crowd intelligence on #genchatDE!!



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