Co-Creation is the key – sometimes you even get awarded

Place: Berlin – TIPI am Kanzleramt

Time: Friday, November 24, 2017 – around 10.30 pm

The host on stage spoke the magic words (translated from German)

“Interestingly, the award this year for employee engagement and collaboration goes to [dramatic pause] … Audi, BMW, Bo…”

The rest of what he said couldn’t be heard anymore as the outburst of joy at our table 57 didn’t have limits. There is a video surfing the net where you can see me cowering on my chair, my back to the stage – I was so nervous. When I heard these words I couldn’t do anything else than scream out loud.

What he was supposed to say was “Bosch, Continental, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom and Siemens.”

We really did it!!

Our Working Out Loud Community of Practice  (aka WOLCOP) won the Quadriga HR Excellence Award for Employee Engagement and Collaboration!

Our little revolutionary group, combining employees from Audi, BMW, Bosch, Continental, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom and Siemens.

Us, working without budget, without a classical job description – on the contrary, most of us have nothing to do with HR. Working across company boundaries, to drive the topic “Working Out Loud“.

Co-creation is the magic key. We all came together with this one common interest and work on ideas, topics and events.

We help each other, because we don’t see us as competitors but as colleagues – just with different logos on the business cards. Well, if I would have any in this digital age.

We support each other with presentations and speeches at company events. That’s how we learn from the group and we increase the speed of learning.

Yes, new way of working or not – speed is still an advantage!

So, what’s our driver?

The changes in the way we work are inevitable. The question is not IF we need to develop a different attitude / mentality and skills, but HOW we do it. We are in the middle of the digital transformation, which for me is a cultural transformation. I think, it is even comparable to the industrial revolution.


We from the WOLCOP are representing abt. 2 mn employees.

If we can only support a minor percentage of these colleagues on their journey through the cultural and digital changes ahead, we could move a mid-sized city – let that sink in

That’s what is moving us – what is driving us.

And it was really moving to see that the Quadriga jury saw it the same way and had the courage to present the award for the first time in their history not to one company but to eight. They realized that co creation is the key.

Here is their statement, why we won (translated from German – source:

“We award the innovative concept of HR and other funktions of DIVERSE companies working in a SELF ORGANIZED community of practice in order to support not only each other in this cross-company peer network WOLCoP (Working Out Loud Community of Practice) but also other organization in the implementation of Working Out Loud (WOL) and to open HR for Social Media”

I am very proud to be part of this and I am very curious what more we can achieve!!

Here is to us!

HR Excellence Awards 2017; TIPI am Kanzleramt Berlin; 24.11.2017

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