My ancestor score February 2017

It was time for a new ancestor score. I just realized I didn’t do one last year. How could I forget? 🙂

But here it is and I borrowed an idea from Cathy Meder-Dempsey over at “Opening Doors in Brick Walls”, I added the figures from my last scores to see the development.

Thanks Cathy! It’s great to see how we inspire each other.

I couldn’t add a whole new generation from 2015 but I am glad to say that during RootsTech 2017 I was able to find out a bit more on my mom’s side. I could add data for one generation back on my maternal grandmother’s side. That was really a door I opened in a brick wall!


I still have my unknown great-grandmother though. And no idea where to keep looking. I keep hoping for the Allenstein archive to publish more data at


4 thoughts on “My ancestor score February 2017

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