Looking for churches in Germany and German speaking areas online?

I just found a great crowdsourcing project via the blog of the Archives of the Protestant Churches in the Rhineland.   http://blog.archiv.ekir.de/

The project is called  “Kirchen im Web” – translated “churches online” and is a collection of online presences of churches in German speaking areas: catholic, protestants and others. – Find the project here: http://kirchen-im-web.de/

Unfortunately, the site is available in German only – but I think it is really interesting for our non-German genealogist to see which of the churches of their ancestors are online or have an online presence. Whereas online presence can be a website, a facebook group or site, a twitter or google+ account or a youtube channel.

If you click on the website (see screenshot), you can start your church in various ways. You either take the map (“Karte – highlighted in yellow) – on which yellow pins show catholic churches, purple pins represent protestant churches and green all other.

Kirchen im Web

If you don’t want to go via the map, you can choose the table (“Tabelle” – highlighted in orange). Once you click that link you reach the table overview. This table can be filtered by name of the church, the bistum, the adress, zip code or country.

Kirchen im Web Tabelle

Very interesting is the information behind the link “Vergleich” (highlighted above in blue) – translated: comparison. There you can see the number of followers of that church online presence. Based on the number of followers you COULD guess the activity of the church online. But that is really just an assumption.

Kirchen im Web Vergleich

I immediately looked for “my” churches. But what shall I say, the “Nordkirche” (Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is not really present yet, but in the spirit of a crowdsourcing project, I can add information if I have some via an online form on the startpage.

So, have a look and search for your churches, maybe you find out something new.

Let me know! 🙂

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