Heinrich Christian Theodor Tretow – Father of Eight

Going through my family tree for today, it was the brother-in-law of my 1st cousin 5x removed who caught my eye.

Heinrich Christian Theodor TRETOW was born in in Kastahn, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany on September 1840 as the youngest son of Johann Joachim TRETOW and Sophia KOTH.

According to the census records of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, he still lived with his parents, his older sister and brother in 1867.

The next information I have on him is the birth of his first child in 1872. I don’t know when exactly he married Christina Sophia Carolina Pauls but I have eight children for the two of them in my family tree.

  • Ida Sophia Maria (born August 22, 1872 and died October 6, 1872)
  • Hermann Carl Friedrich (born August 12, 1873 and died May 28, 1950)
  • Anna Johanna Wilhelmine (born January 17, 1876 and died April 6, 1958)
  • Elise Dorothea Caroline (born June 7, 1878)
  • Ernst Theodor Hans (born December 18, 1880)
  • Wilhelm Hans Johann (born April 8, 1883)
  • Emma Frieda Carolina Ernestine (born October 21, 1887 and died December 30, 1890)
  • Franz Heinrich Hans (born April 6, 1891)

Below you see the census record for 1900 for Heinrich, Sophie and five of their children. Ida and Emma died before this census was taken. Ernst is missing in this record. He is serving as a dragoon in Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.


Heinrich died on September 6, 1908 in Kastahn and got laid to rest on September 9, 1908 in Diedrichshagen.

churchbook entry death / funeral

churchbook entry death / funeral


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