#52 ancestors No. 11 – moving around, back and forth

52ancestors-2015It’s my eleventh week in the 52 Ancestors Challenge of Amy Crow over at “No Story too small”.

And this week, I won’t concentrate on one of my ancestors. I sat down yesterday and tried to reconcile how my family and ended up in Lübeck, where most of it still lives.

The result is the following mindmap. The red line is my paternal one, showing my Dad’s family and the blue line is my Mom’s.

Actually, I always thought that my father’s family stayed mostly where it was, in my main parish of Diedrichshagen, Mecklenburg, Germany. But as you can see, my father’s family moved around a lot. It’s just that the areas they moved to and from are so much easier to research than my mother’s line.And of course it helped, that still today, my family lives close.

Coming from East Prussia (today’s Poland and Russia), it is rather complicated to obtain documents for my mom’s family.

The years given in the mindmap are the years the family moved from one place to the next. And the pictures are the family members moving.


Did you ever do a map like this?


5 thoughts on “#52 ancestors No. 11 – moving around, back and forth

  1. I’m glad Larry asked that question! And thank you for sharing the answer, Barbara. I’ve never tried doing this, but it’s an intriguing idea.


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