#52ancestors 2015 No. 2 – oh just where is my connection to a King??

This week’s theme for the 52 ancestors challenge of Amy Crow over at “No story too small” was a tough one for me. It is “King”.

Well, were is just my connection to a King? I tried the German word for King: König – but no, I don’t have that name in my tree. The King’s birthday (of course Elvis, the one and only) was on January 8. It is my aunt’s birthday and I think my Dad is the biggest fan ever. But I know neither one of them would love to see their story in my blog.

But then of course there is another “one and only” King of whom I am the biggest fan 😉

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop was born on August 29, 1958 – So, I checked for that date. What do I find in my family tree for August 29?

My 2nd great grand uncle was born in Schlutup, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany on August 29, 1824 at 3 in the morning. Schlutup belongs today to the Hanseatic city of Lübeck where my family still lives.

Hans Hinrich BADE was born as an illegitimate child to my 3rd great grandmother Lucie BADE and Jürgen Hinrich FASKUHL. Five years later, Lucie would marry my 3rd great grandfather Hans KRANZ. Which technically makes Hans Bade my “half” 2nd great granduncle.

Hans was baptized on September 1, 1824 in St. Andreas, the beautiful church of Schlutup.

st. andreas

His godparents were his grandfather Hans BADE, Carsten VOGT of which I guess he was related to Lucie’s mother Magdalene Geesch VOGT and Engel Catharina BADE. While researching in Schlutup it didn’t make it easier, that there are several BADE lines in the village. All of them were fishermen and all of them were somehow related 😉

The next sign I found from Hans was the census 1862, which states him still living in Schlutup.

But I didn’t find any confirmation record, wedding or death entry for him.

Okay, that was my connection to a King – I admit, very far–fetched 😉


3 thoughts on “#52ancestors 2015 No. 2 – oh just where is my connection to a King??

  1. Barbara! Congrats! You won a copy of the “Finding John Campbell” book on my blog! Email your postal address to me asap so I can get this in the mail to you 🙂 If I don’t hear back from you or one of the other two winners…Luanne and Neil, by midnight (EST) on Thursday 1/15, I’ll draw a runner up and you forfeit your copy.
    Glad you won! Hope to hear what you think of it!

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