September 21 – Joachim Christoph Behrens

On September 21, 1964 Malta gains its indepence from Great Britain.

And another independence from Great Britain for this day: It was September 21, 1981 and it was Belize which was known til 1973 as British-Honduras.

And on my family tree?

September 21, 1828 is the birthday of Joachim Christoph BEHRENS, who became the husband of my 3rd great great aunt.

He was born in Warnow in the grandduchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany into the marriage of the small farmer Hans Heinrich BEHRENS and his wife Engel Maria BUMANN.

It looks like Hans Heinrich handed over the small farm to  his son. When Joachim married my 3rd great great aunt Maria Elisabeth FREYTAG on July 25, 1856 in Diedrichshagen, he was stated as “small farmer from Warnow”.

Joachim and Maria had two children I know of so far, one son and a daughter:

  • Joachim Johann Heinrich
  • Elisabeth Maria Joachime

The 1900 census states him as being widowed and pensioner living in Warnow.

1900 census Joachim Behrens

1900 census Joachim Behrens

Joachim died on April 13, 1913 in Grevesmühlen. His son Joachim registered his death with the officials.

death certificate Joachim Behrens

death certificate Joachim Behrens


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