August 12 – Heinrich Johann Karl Dreves

Cleopatra I. of Egypt dies on August 12, 30 BC by so far unexplained circumstances but supposedly she committed suicide.

And Happy Birthday Chicago! August 12, 1830 is the day the city has been officially founded.

And on my family tree?

Heinrich Johann Karl Dreves died on August 12, 1940 of a heart disease in Friedrichshagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

His death record is full of information. It provides the date of death, the time of death, cause of death, his birthdate, date of marriage, name and occupation of his parents and of his wife. Great, all in one! 😉

death record Heinrich Dreves

death record Heinrich Dreves

Heinrich was born on May 25, 1883 in Friedrichshagen.

On October 20, 1911 he married his bride Luise Dorothea Marie née KÄHLER, a fee farmer’s daughter from Büttlingen in the parish of Diedrichshagen. He was working as a gardener in Hamburg that time. Which is odd, since Hamburg is about 100 km southwest of the parish. Quite a distance at that time.

The 1919 census shows him living with his wife and their daughter Herta (who was born in Hamburg 1914) and his brother on the family farm in Friedrichshagen:

1919 census

1919 census

You can even see in the last row that they had one prisoner of war from Russia assigned to them. In addition they had two workers and two servants living in the household.



2 thoughts on “August 12 – Heinrich Johann Karl Dreves

  1. Barbara, the last paragraph was a like a hammer to my head. Thank you! My father-in-law refused to join the German youth in Luxembourg and was sent to Germany to work on a farm. The census for WWII time period isn’t available yet but I’m going to make a note that he might be included in a census in Germany. I have plans to write about him next year since this year’s 52 Ancestors posts are dedicated to my paternal line which is only 1/4 of my children’s ancestry.


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