July 31 – Bertha Hermine Friederike Dorothea Schmidt

23 years ago, on July 31, 1991 Michail Gorbachev and George Bush sign the START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) between the  Soviet Union and the USA for reducing strategic atomic weapons.

On July 31, 1948 opens the New York International Airport which is known today as John F. Kennedy Intl. Airport since December 24, 1963

In my family tree we move back to my father’s paternal side.

We meet my great grand aunt Bertha Hermine Friederike Dorothea SCHMIDT, the oldest child of the master carpenter Gustav Bruno SCHMIDT and his wife Henrica Elisabeth Dorothea PETROWSKY.

Yes, you remember correctly.. he is the one that just vanished.

Bertha was born on July 31, 1880 in Güstrow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany and received her christening on at the Pfarrkirche in Güstrow on August 22, 1880. One of the godparents is given with “Elisabeth Schmidt née Klinckmann, carpenter’s daughter here”. I wonder if this COULD be her grandmother, but I’ve already seen cases where the relationship was mentioned in the churchbook entry.

After her father left the family and her mother remarried and moved to Grubenhagen, Bertha got confirmed there in the church on April 7, 1895

The 1900 census of Mecklenburg-Schwerin shows that she moved back to Güstrow, working as a domestic servant.

And that was the last trace I have of her.





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