Can’t believe I missed my blogiversary!

But I have a good excuse.. I was on vacation 😉

Happy belated blogiversary to me!!

It was on July 19, 2013 that I decided to start this blog. Without giving it a second thought, I have to admit. I attended a webinar concerning “cousin bait” and thought blogging about my family research would be a great way to start.

No wonder, it looked quite chaotic in the beginning 😉

My first blogpost was about my great grand aunt Else Nicolaus who emigrated from Germany to the United States in 1929. Take a look at it here.

And what happened in the meantime?

Well, first things first, via this blog I found “news on Else“. I wouldn’t have found the information without some helping hands I met via this blog.

I told you about another emigrant in my family tree: Friedrich Ludwig Heinrich Ulmer from Bremen. He took his family and his belongings and set sail to Australia in 1952. And guess what by sharing his blogpost via google+ I got in contact with his son. My first success when it comes to “cousin bait”.

I shared some of the censuses I use as a resource… more to come, promised!

And since reading about an unknown region I shared mine with you via maps. I would like to think they help you a bit to find your way around.

52ancestorsI joined the “52 ancestors” challenge from Amy Crow at “No story too small” and was in for another surprise. It turned out that another German blogger taking part in this challenge is a distant cousin of mine. Quite amazing to read familiar names. I could feel my heartbeat increasing 🙂 Read the story here. 

But not only was I the happy recipient of help from other bloggers, I was also able to help my readers.

Read the story of the “Haf brothers” overe at – or take a look at the Goesch family imigration from Larry’s group here.

I shared daily events from my family tree with you. Births, weddings or deaths.. all there as well as my confusion about “conflicting information” – including solving the mystery 😉

And I found a new hobby named “Corporate history”. It was like finding “A whole new world” which I discovered via my “Working Out Loud” coaching.

I wrote 245 posts in eight categories, 334 people decided to follow my blog. I had visitors from 65 different countries – from Austria via Nepal to Ukraine coming from 85 different referrers.

If I would have to choose one favourite blogpost it would be the one about my greatgrandfather Gustav Bruno Schmidt. It is telling the story of my adventure finding myself in a totally new region.

And I can’t wait for more blogging adventures to come. Get on board and join me 😉





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