July 14 – Johann Theodor Schmidt

I ignore the obvious event for today, just say one word 😉 – Bastille

But one result of this day in 1789? Six years later, on July 1795 the “Marsellaise” becomes National Anthem of France.

And on July 14, 1881 William Bonney, better known as Billy the Kid gets shot in Lincoln, New Mexico by Pat Garrett – then Sheriff but formerly his best friend.

On my family tree we move to a totally new place. July 14, 1802 is the birthday of my 4th great grandfather Johann Theodor SCHMIDT. He was born in Oberneubrunn, Kingdom of Saxony, Germany.

You might remember the story of my greatuncle’s “Ahnenpass” I got a copy from by a researcher I found on ancestry (you can read the blog here)

What a surprise when this new place appeared. But a pleasant one since I couldn’t find him in the church books auf Bad Lausick so far.

All the info I have on Johann is from this Ahnenpass – and has therefore be handled with care, since the information comes from a secondary source. I still have to certify it by checking the original church records. But til then I take those dates “for granted”.

Johann was born into the marriage of Johann Kilian SCHMIDT and his wife Eva Margaretha EPLER. So far I cannot tell you, if he had siblings or not. The Ahnenpass only contains the direct line – no siblings.

Johann received his baptism one day after he was born, on July 15, 1802 in Oberneubrunn.

He married Johanna Juliana EGERLAND – where and when I don’t know so far.

Their oldest son Friedrich Theodor SCHMIDT was born in 1825 in Lausigk (today’s Bad Lausick in Saxony, Germany). In his birth entry Johann is stated as carpenter and burgher of Lausigk.

Another son was born 1828 in Lausigk. His name was Carl August SCHMIDT. He is stated as third child, but so far I couldn’t find the second child of Johann Theodor and Johanna Juliana.

That is all the information I have on him so far. But tons of new topics for my to-do-list!


2 thoughts on “July 14 – Johann Theodor Schmidt

  1. Nice to see you. I found you through John Stepper’s post about you, and read your profile. Lovely! I love your Time Capsule comment. It turns out that some of our family lives near some of your family. I don’t know much, but I do know my mother has cousins in (I think) Schleiswig-Holstein. Her’s is from Haderslev/Erlev in Denmark – the border has changed so many times that it’s hard to know what belongs to what. I saw a lot of Danish-looking town names on the map, and there are some more Germanic ones in Southern Jutland. My father worked in Germany for a short time – he was from Ribe, also not far from the border.

    All the best in your pursuit of the past and the future – it seems to be enhancing your present!



    • Hi, thank you for stopping by and I am glad you liked John’s post about me. And you are right with Haderslev, it went back and forth between Denmark and Prussia til 1920 when the region finally decided to belong to Denmark. thanks for your good wishes, I am very curious where my present will lead me to 😉


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