July 7 – Engel Len Orths

It was July 7, 1456 that the verdict of the rehabilitation of Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Orleans) got declared in Notre Dame cathedrale in Paris, France.

In the course of the Mexican-American War, the USA annexes California on July 7, 1846.

On my family tree we meet my 3rd great grand aunt Engel Len ORTHS.

Engel (which means Angel in German) was born on July 7, 1780 in Mönkhagen, Duchy of Holstein, Denmark (today’s county Storman, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany).

She was the second oldest of eight children of the day labourer Hans Hinrich Christopher OHRT and his wife Ann Malen JÄGERS.

As you can see, the spelling of the last name ORTHS changed between father and daughter. I have actually the following spellings, too:

  • ORT
  • OHRT
  • ORTS
  • ORTH

All there 😉

Engel got baptised in the church of Zarpen on July 9, 1780 and that is the last thing I know of her.


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