A blog so wonderful, I have to recommend it!

I’ve never written a blogpost to recommend another blog. I’ve shared on twitter, facebook or Google+, talked about it, sent emails or stuff.

But this blog I found lately, is so wonderful, I just HAVE to recommend it and let you know why.

It is called “The Great-Great-Grandfather who went on a ship and disappeared

Originally, it is a German speaking blog called “Der Ururopa, der auf ein Schiff stieg und verschwand“. The English version is the translation of the German original.

I would like you to meet Susan. It is her greatgreatgrandfather who went on this ship to the United States and just vanished.

And her blog is telling her story of looking for him. And let me tell you, she gets quite creative on her way !

Her writing is witty and funny, sometimes confused and desperate… but aren’t we genealogist all sometimes?

So do yourself a favour, click on the link, lean back and enjoy her stories.. you won’t regret it, I promise!


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