#52ancestors no. 16 – Christine Dorothea Johanna Seemann

It is time for my next blogpost regarding the 52 ancestors challenge.


For those of you who don’t know this challenge yet, it sounds quite simple:

52 blogposts about 52 ancestors in 52 weeks.

But I have to admit, I have a lot of catching up to do, I didn’t blog regularly lately.

One of the few german speaking blogs taking part in this challenge is “A thing is going on” (yes, I know, it’s an English title.. but the rest is German ;))

And since I follow this blog I get all the new posts provided in my wordpress reader. So far all of her ancestors came from the Northwest of Germany compared to mine coming from the Northeast.

But then her blogpost no 21 in this challenge caught my eye.. it was a name I have in my family tree, too: Hedwig Westphal geb. Seemann (1889-1944)

It was the maiden name SEEMANN which was interesting to me. And when I went on reading the post and saw that this Hedwig SEEMANN was born in Bahlen, I got even more interested, because it would have been a real coincidence if there would have been a Bahlen in the Northwest, too.

The Bahlen I know is in the Northeast, in Mecklenburg to be exact. And with the other places that were mentioned in the post I was very sure that it was “my” Bahlen were Hedwig SEEMANN was born in 1889.

There was just a slight problem. The last SEEMANN I had in Bahlen was my 4th great grandmother Christine Dorothea Johanna SEEMANN born in 1797. Which means there was a 100 year gap. To be honest, I didn’t really dared hoping that this gap could be closed.

“How cool is that?”

But sometimes I should just have a bit  more faith. I left a comment telling that I had the name SEEMANN in Bahlen too, but 100 years before. I left the details about my 4th great grandmother and kept my fingers crossed.

And it didn’t take long and I got a reply from Katrin who wrote this post which sounds translated like “How cool is that? I descend from her brother’s line! Do you have the name of her parents’ parents? I would have those.”

What? But she was right, how cool is that? This would mean that Katrin and I are 6th Cousins since our 5th great grandparents were our shared ancestors.

I just love those days!

But let me tell you what I know about my 4th great grandmother Christine Dorothea Johanna SEEMANN.

She was born October 7, 1797 in Bahlen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. She received her baptism three days later on October 10, 1797 in Bahlen.

I don’t exactly know yet when she married my 4th great grandfather Joachim Christian Heinrich OLDENBURG but their first know child was born on May 17, 1824 in Diedrichshagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germay – “my” main parish. I would love to know how the two met, since the villages were roughly 20  miles apart.

I found four children being born between 1824 and 1838. But when I take a look at the gaps I have between them I guess there are more. I “just” have to find them.

Christine died in Diedrichshagen on April 12, 1878 and got laid to rest on the church cemetary on April 16, 1878.

death record Christine Seemann

death record Christine Seemann

And another coincidence: you remember my blog about finding relatives of my father’s cousin?

Christine can be found in the “Ahnenpass” I received from them, too.

And our 5th great grandparents are Katrin’s blogposts no. 23 and 24







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