May 26 – 2 Schmidt weddings

King Alfons VII. gets crowned Emperor of all Spain in the cathedral of León on May 26, 1135.

On May 26, 1896 Nicholas II. becomes the last Tsar of the Imperial Russia.

And we stick to my paternal line with a very short blogpost today 😉

One of my Dad’s brothers and his wife celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary today! 55 years, can you imagine?

Happy anniversary!

And 25 years before those two spoke their vows, his parents – my grandfather Wilhelm Ferdinand Christian SCHMIDT and my grandma Margarethe Katharina Emma née SCHMIDT – did the same in my grandma’s home in Lübeck, Germany on May 26, 1934.




One thought on “May 26 – 2 Schmidt weddings

  1. Nice when that happens! My next 52 Ancestors post will feature my grandmother Pearl who got married on her parents’ 29th wedding anniversary in their home.


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