May 25 – Carl August Schmidt

A royal decree by King Louis XV. from May 25, 1728 allows the French to transport their wine not only in barrels but also in bottles. This decree is the foundation for the rise of the House of Champagne Ruinart of Reims.

Verdis “Aida” opens the opera Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 25, 1908.

On my family tree we move to Saxony again:


To today’s Bad Lausick, to be exact – formerly known as Lausigk.

We meet my 3rd great grand uncle Carl August SCHMIDT. He is part of my father’s paternal line. I always have to distinguish there, since both my paternal grandmother and grandfather were born SCHMIDT. Doesn’t make genealogy any easier, I might add.

You might remember the odyssey I went through with my greatgrandfather Gustav Bruno SCHMIDT.

Carl August SCHMIDT is his uncle.

He was born on May 25, 1828 in Lausigk, Kingdom of Saxony as youngest known son of my 4th great grandparents Johann Theodor SCHMIDT and his wife Johanna Juliana née EGELAND.

He was baptised on June 1, 1828 in St. Killian’s church in Lausigk.

The attached picture of the churchbook shows his baptism entry as the first one on the page – No. 47. It is only half of it, though. You can only see the day and hour of the birth, the day of baptism, the name of the child and the name and occupation of its father.  And there is a little remark, that Carl August was born as third child.

baptism record Carl August Schmidt

baptism record Carl August Schmidt

That is all I have on him so far. I was only once at St. Killian to take a look at the church books. I have a huge list of questions for my second and third visit.



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