May 18 – Anna Catharina Elisabeth Schmidt

Without gaining approval of her former husband and liege, Eleanor of Aquitaine marries the 11 years younger Henry of Plantaneget, Count of Anjou and Duke of the Normandy on May 18, 1152.

The Treaty of Teusina from May 18, 1595 between Sweden and Russia terminates the Russo-Swedish War.

On my family tree we celebrate the birth of my 2nd great grand aunt Anna Catharina Elisabeth SCHMIDT. Anna was born on May 18, 1832 on Tüschenbek Estate, Duchy of Sachsen-Lauenburg, Germany.

She was the oldest of four children born into the marriage of Johann Christian August SCHMIDT and his first wife Catharina Elisabeth SCHNOOR (I’m descending from his second wife). Anna was not only the oldest child but also the only daughter of the couple.

Anna received her baptism on May 27, 1832 in Groß Grönau, Duchy of Sachsen-Lauenburg, Germany.

In the same church she married her husband Johann Joachim Heinrich KRUSE (a.k.a. GRUBE) on October 23, 1853 .

The couple had one son I know of so far. Johann Joachim Heinrich GRUBE (in his entries the KRUSE name is vanished) was born over a year before their marriage on August 7, 1852 on Tüschenbek estate where his father worked as a day labourer. Unfortunately, Johann died of consumption an early infant death on April 20, 1853.

The wedding entry is the last trace I have of Anna.

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