April 28 – Otto Hans Heinrich Schwarz

Today 225 years ago Fletcher Christian started the mutiny on the “Bounty” against his commanding lieutenant William Bligh. The Bounty sets sail to Tonga while William Bligh with some loyal officers are set adrift. They reach Tofua on the same day.

With the death of this father Fuad I. the 16 years old Faruq becomes King of Egypt on April 28, 1936.

And on my family tree I only have one event for today.

My 3rd cousin 3x removed Otto Hans Heinrich SCHWARZ is born on April 28, 1894 in Diedrichshagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin ,Germany.

He is the youngest son and the second youngest of ten children of the farmer and cottager Heinrich Carl August SCHWARZ and his wife Elisabeth Maria Henriette née HAGEDORN.

Otto received his christening on May 27, 1894 in the local church of Diedrichshagen.

church & cemetary Diedrichshagen

church & cemetary Diedrichshagen

The same church he got confirmed in on April 24, 1909.
The 1919 census shows him living with his parents on the family farm in Diedrichshagen. Together with four farm hands and two Russian prisoners of war.
Two of his sisters still living with the family were not present at the time of the census. They are listed in the lower section.
1919 census Schwarz family

1919 census Schwarz family






And that is the last trace I have of him so far.
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