April 17 – Catharina Dorothea Elisabeth Schaper

The Treaty of Shimonoseki from April 17, 1895 terminates the First Sino-Japanese War. Signed by Ito Hirobumi for the Empire of Japan and Li Hongzhang for Qing Empire in the Japanese harbour town Shimonoseki it is today known as an unequal treaty – due to the onesided burden for the Qing Empire.

The first World’s Fair is opened on April 17, 1958 in Brussels, Belgium. Til today the Atomium which was built for this Fair is a landmark for the city.

Let me introduce you to my 2nd great grand aunt Catharina Dorothea Elisabeth SCHAPER who was born on April 17, 1856 in Mustin, Saxe-Lauenburg, Germany.

She was the youngest daughter, the youngest of eight children of my 3rd great grandparents Johann Joachim Heinrich SCHAPER, a farmer from Mustin and his wife Catharina Maria Sophia née HAGEN.

She received her christening in the church of Mustin on April 23, 1856.

church Mustin

church Mustin

So far, I don’t know anything else of her.



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