April 9 – Helene Anna Elise Ohrt

The United States Senate ratifies the treaty with Russia for the purchase of Alaska on April 9, 1867 (a.k.a. Alaska Purchase) – the ratification passed by a single vote.

And over 450 years before, on April 9, 1413 Henry V.is crowned King of England.

And going 460 years into the future again, we meet my great grand aunt Helen Anne Elise OHRT who was born on April 9, 1873 in Schlutup, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Helene is the second youngest of six children of the day labourer Joachim Heinrich OHRT and his wife Elisabeth Maria née KRANZ.

She had four older siblings and one younger sister, which was my great grandmother:

  • Margaretha Catharina Dorothea (born 1862)
  • Lucia Catharina Maria (born 1867)
  • stillborn sister (born / died 1869)
  • Heinrich Fritz Christian (born 1870)
  • Emma Catharina (born 1877)

She received her christening in St. Andrew’s (St. Andreas) church of Schlutup on April 12, 1873.

st. andreas

Lbeck Germany Census 1880

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