#52Ancestors No. 13 – Leppin & Lenschow wedding

Don’t worry, although it’s April Fools’ Day today, I won’t fool you. This year was the first year I haven’t been fooled myself. Not that my colleagues and friends didn’t try.. 😉 But for once I didn’t fall for the trap.

This is the 13th part of the 52 Ancestors challenge of Amy Crow at “No story too small”.


This week we have a wedding anniversary to celebrate.

Happy Anniversary to Dorothea Maria Elisabeth LEPPIN and Hans Jacob LENSCHOW. They married on April 1, 1864 in Diedrichshagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

Dorothea was born on November 20, 1836 to the cottager from Hamberge, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany Hans Heinrich LEPPIN. Her mother is unknown to me so far.

Hans Jacob LENSCHOW was born on January 21, 1822 in Wölschendorf, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany as third son to Hans LENSCHOW and his wife Engel Elisabeth nĂ©e MÖLLER.

For Hans it was his second marriage. On May 14, 1852 he married his first wife Sophia Dorothea MEYER who died shortly after giving birth to her fourth child on October 26, 1863.

His first wife Sophia came from Sievershagen within “my” parish Diedrichshagen. But following their wedding, Hans and Sophia moved to the neighbour village Kastahn.

That’s where he met his second wife Dorothea after Sophia’s death. Having to take care of four children, one of them a newborn baby, he just HAD to marry again.

Dorothea and Hans had two more children I know of so far:

  • Dorothea Sophia Maria born May 29, 1865 and
  • Franz Heinrich Hans born August 4, 1869

Hans died on September 11, 1881 in Kastahn, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. I assume that Dorothea was still alive at that point, although his son named “Hans” registered the death.

death record Hans Jacob Lenschow

death record Hans Jacob Lenschow

Why my assumption? Because Hans (the father) is stated as “verheiratet mit der Dorothea geb. Leppin” (married with the Dorothea nĂ©e Leppin). In other records where the spouse had been deceased the other spouse had been declared as “widow” or “widower”.

Hans has been laid to rest on September 16, 1881 on the church cemetary of Diedrichshagen.


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