March 31 – Anna Katharina Margerethe Frahm

Following his divorce of Minervina does the Roman Emperor Konstantin the Great marry Fausta, the daughter of the resigned Emperor Maximian on March 31, 307.

Due to the death of his father King Franz I. his son Heinrich II. (Henry II.) becomes new King of France on March 31, 1547.

And we meet my cousin 5x removed Anna Katharina Margarethe FRAHM wo was born on March 31, 1827 in Boienhagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

She was the third of four children of the farmer Joachim Heinrich FRAHM and his wife Margaretha Elisabeth née PARBS. You might remember her oldest brother Johann David Ernst FRAHM from one of my former blogposts.

On December 22, 1854 Margarethe (how she was named in a census record) married Christian Karl Heinrich HAGEDORN, a cottager and farmer from Boienhagen in Diedrichshagen.

I found six children for the couple so far – born between 1854 and 1868.

The following document shows the 1867 census record for Christian and Margarethe. They are living with five children (the sixth was born in 1868) with Christian’s parents on the farm.

1867 census FRAHM family

1867 census FRAHM family

Margarethe died on February 11, 1894 in Boienhagen and got laid to rest in Diedrichshagen on Februar 17, 1894.

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