March 28 – Hermann Paul Max Warnke

Great Britain and France declare war to Russia under Tsar Nicolas I. on March 28, 1854 for the Crimean War.

And on March 28, 1882 France introduces the compulsary education.

And let me introduce you to my first cousin 3x removed Hermann Paul Max WARNKE who was born on March 28, 1891 in Kastahn, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

He was the second oldest child of Gottlieb Joachim August WARNKE and his wife Ida Maria Katharina Dorothea née KOOP.

Hermann received his christening in Diedrichshagen one month later on April 24, 1891. The same church he got confirmed in on April 16, 1905.

church Diedrichshagen

church Diedrichshagen

The last record I have for him so far is the 1919 census. He is not married and lives with his older brother Hans and his family.

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