March 26 – Maria Dorothea Anna Tretow

Cologne on March 26, 1027: Pope John XIX crowns Conrad II. and his wife Gisela of Swabia as Emperor and Empress of the Holy Roman Empire.

Carol I. becomes new Duke of Romania on March 26, 1866 – 15 years later on March 26, 1881 he gets proclaimed as first King of the newly instituted kingdom Romania.

On my family tree, we meet the wife of my first cousin 5x removed Johann David Ernst FRAHM.

Maria Dorothea Anna TRETOW is born on March 26, 1832 in Kastahn, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

As far as I know so far she was the first daughter of the farmer Johann Joachim TRETOW and his wife Sophia née KOTH.

On February 9, 1855 she married my cousin in Diedrichshagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

Between 1856 and 1875 the couple had 10 children.

This 1867 census record shows Johann, Maria and six of their children and six farmhands/servants living in Boienhagen:

census 1867

census 1867

At the time of the 1900 census she is stated as widowed and as a visitor in Alt Jassewitz (compared to a permanent resident).

Maria died on July 21, 1912 in Boienhagen and she got laid to rest in Diedrichshagen on July 24, 1912.

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5 thoughts on “March 26 – Maria Dorothea Anna Tretow

    • iti depends on the area you are researching in. Please be aware that there wasn’t a “Germany” up until 1871. and there wasn’t a united census. There were the ones for duchies, kingdoms, etc. Where are you researching?


      • Thank you! My main problem is that I don’t know exactly where in “Germany” I am looking. Either Wittenburg or Wurtemberg between 1830-1850 would be my likely starting place.


  1. Okay, starting 1834 the States of the “Deutscher Bund” (German Union) committed to taking regular censuses following a standard format. 1871 when the “Deutsche Reich” was founded, those turned into the “Reichsstatistik” (still a census just a different Name, since before the reason was more for customs). For the kingdom of Württemberg all the census records have been handed over to the State Archive in Ludwigsburg. They are open for use to the public.
    The Archive and the Bureau for Statistics have published a CD-ROM “Königreich Württemberg, Volkszählungen 1834-1925” (Kingdom Württemberg, Censuses 1834-1925) which contains all data in Excel spreadsheets for easy use. The CD-ROM can be ordered (20 Euro) here
    I’ll check with them if and how the ordering process would work from the States. I’ll come back to you on this!


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