March 23 – Maria Dorothea Henriette Schaper

Great Britain signs a peace treaty with the South African Republic on March 23, 1881 which ends the First Boer War.

And on this day in 1919 the does Karl I.,  the last monarch leave Austria-Hungary for his exile in Switzerland. Before crossing the border, he declared his resignation from any right of ruling the country. This resignation will be later the cause for the Habsburg Law.

On my family tree we mourn the death of my first cousin 4x removed Maria Dorothea Henriette SCHAPER on March 23 1845 in Naschow, parish of Mustin, duchy of Saxe-Lauenburg, Germany (take a look at the map here).

The cause of her death is just stated with “attack” in her death entry.

Maria was born on November 11, 1844 as first of six children of Franz Joachim Hinrich SCHAPER and Helene Christine Louise MÖLLER.

Franz and Helene have neve been married though. You might remember that I already told you their story here, in my fourth blogpost for the 52 ancestors challenge.

church Mustin

church Mustin


Maria got christened in the church of Mustin on November 18, 1844 and got laid to rest on its cemetary on March 28, 1845.




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