March 22 – Maria Elisabeth Dorothea Kruse

The German Parliament decides to lower the age of majority from 21 to 18 on March 22, 1975.

At the bombardment of Frankfurt am Main on March 22, 1944 the gothic inner city was almost completely destroyed. 1001 people died that day.

Let’s see what we have on my family tree.

Maria Elisabeth Dorothea KRUSE is born on March 22, 1840 in Upahl, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. She was the oldest of four children born into the marriage of the fee farmer Joachim Heinrich KRUSE and his wife Anna Catharina Maria née BAUMANN.

On November 6, 1863 she married the farmer Johann Joachim Heinrich KÖRNER from Upahl in Diedrichshagen, the main village of the parish.

The 1867 census shows her living with her husband, his parents and his siblings on the KÖRNER family farm in Upahl.

1867 census

1867 census

This is one census form you have to be careful again (for a detailed description on how to read the 1867 census, take a look here):

Lines 1 and 2 are the head of the household (father of Johann) and his wife. Lines 3 and 4 is Johann and Maria. Lines 5, 6, and 7 are siblings of Johann. But take a look at lines 8 and 9. In line 12 where the relationship to the head of the household is stated, both are given as daughters (“Tochter”). From the birthyears I was in doubt from the beginning because it would have meant that both of them were abt. 35 years younger than Johann.

But as you can see from the birthyears from Johann in line 3 and the women stated as wife (“Ehefrau”), she can clearly not be Johann’s mother, she would have been only eleven years old giving birth to him. She must be his stepmother.

So although very rare, it could have been that the two girls in the lines 8 and 9 would have been Johann’s baby sisters.

But it turned out (proven by other records) that those two girls are in truth two of the three children I found so far for Johann and Maria.

Again, I stretch it – read your documents carefully and with common sense

But coming back to Maria.

The 1900 census shows her already being widowed, still living in Upahl.

She died on September 11, 1911 in Upahl and got laid to rest on the chuch cemetary of Diedrichshagen on September 15, 1911.


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