March 17 – Catharina Elisabeth Dorothea Hagen

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

The Dalai Lama Tendzin Gyatsho seeks refuge in India on March 17, 1959 following the failure of the uprising of the Tibetanians vs. their Chinese occupying forces.

Wilhelm von Opel and his brother Friedrich Opel sell the majority of the shares of their car manufacturer Opel to the US company General Motors on March 17, 1929.

And on my family tree we finally move out of the parish of Diedrichshagen again. We go westwards to the parish of Mustin, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

That’s where my 3rd great grand aunt Catharina Elisabeth Dorothea HAGEN died on March 17, 1886. She was the middle child of the shepherd Johann Friedrich HAGEN and his wife Catharina Maria née ISENHAGEN.

church Mustin

church Mustin


Catharina was born on March 13, 1812 in Mustin. And she received her christening on March19, 1812 in this beautiful church in Mustin.



So far I didn’t find a husband or children for her.

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