March 12 – Georg Aloysius Tilinski

The Coca-Cola Company of Asa Griggs Chandler sells Coca-Cola for the first times in bottles on March 12, 1894 in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

March 12, 1913 is Canberra Day. The future capital of Australia is officially named Canberra.

Today 15 years ago my great uncle Georg Aloysius TILINSKI died in Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

I remember this day quite well. My great uncle had been in the hospital for days, his death didn’t come unexpectedly. I was home (well, visiting my parents) alone, my mom was still at work, my Dad was driving my sister to work at the theatre when my great aunt called. I only heard a sobbing and instantly knew what happened. I just said “we are on our way”.

So, I called the theatre.. my Dad had already dropped my sister off and I only got her boss on the line. I told him that my Dad would pick her up immediately again. When my Dad got home I told him to turn around, pick up my sister and we would meet at the hospital. I would wait for my mom..

She came just a couple of minutes later and the four of us reached the parking lot almost at the same time.

Since Uncle Georg and my great aunt Ilse Meta Anna née GATZEMANN didn’t have own children, the two have been the honorary grandparents for all of us children (my mom’s and of her three sisters) so there was no doubt we would bid our farewell to him. Actually he was the first dead body I had seen. It wasn’t as scary as I thought, I have to admit. I expected it to be more surreal.

Georg was born on July 29, 1923 in Korschen, East Prussia, Germany (today’s Korsze, Poland).




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