March 5 – Horst Walter Tylinski

With signing the Treaty of Ribe on March 5, 1460, the danish king Christian I. also becomes ruler of Schleswig and Holstein.

On March 5, 1853 Heinrich Steinweg founds the piano manufacturer “Steinway & Sons” in New York. Today the company has production sites in New York and Hamburg.

And on my family tree?

It will be a short blogpost today. I just have one event. And it is a sad one, I might add.

My first cousin once removed Horst Walter  TYLINSKI died on March 5, 1938 in Korschen, East Prussia, Germany (today’s Korsze in Poland) being not even one year old.

He was born on March 10, 1938 in Korschen, East Prussia into the marriage of Otto Horst TYLINSKI and his wife Lieselotte née ECKARDT.

This is my mom’s cousin and from her I know that Otto Horst has three additional children, but she couldn’t confirm, if Lieselotte was the mother. Therefore I added them with an unknown mother into my database. From at least two of these children I know they are still alive – I won’t mention their names and dates here.

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