#52 ancestors No. 9 – is he famous?

52ancestorsDo I have a famous ancestor? Well, technically speaking my protagonist of this week’s 52 Ancestors blogpost is not one of my ancestors. He is an in-law of a very distant branch of my family tree.

When I entered his name into my database I didn’t know anything else about him than the fact that he existed.

His name is Louis CLEWE and the following census record I found for his brother Heinrich Franz Leopold CLEWE (born April 2, 1845 in Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany) provided me with his existence:

Louis Clewe census 1867

Louis Clewe census 1867

When I entered the data for his brother, I included the rest of the family with the information I could find in this census record.

Louis is given with a birthyear 1844, of lutheran religion, single, son of the head of the household and his occupation is given with “Baugewerkschüler” – translated it means he was studying in the building construction area.

It wasn’t really a line I researched. It was one of these families that are just there in your family tree.

And then I received a message via ancestry.de from Jörg Moll, an employee of the city archive in Schwerin. According to his research “my” Louis CLEWE was the grand-ducal master mason Ludwig CLEWE, born 1843.

What you have to know about the 1867 census is the fact, that people were asked for their age and according to that the birthyear was calculated. It would have been so much easier to just ask for the birthdate 🙂

Mr. Moll from the city archive told me that he would research Ludwig Clewe because he is preparing a publication about him.

But what made Louis/Ludwig so famous, that someone would write a book about him? It seems he was a very popular architect / mason in his time. Among other buildings he was responsible for the construction of the beautiful Café Prag in Schwerin (pictures can be found here)

He was also the one pressing for the foundation of a chamber of crafts. 1900 he was elected as first president and he kept this office til the day he died in 1912.

This beautiful lead glass window supposedly shows an illustration of Ludwig Clewe. It is part of a series decorating the window panes of the chamber building in Schwerin. It is titled with “master”

Ludwig Clewe

Ludwig Clewe

Ludwig Clewe died 1912 in Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. His son, Ludwig jun. took over the family construction company which his father founded in 1870.

From March til August 2013 the family grave on the Schwerin cemetary was restored and cleaned, supported by private donations.

family grave CLEWE

family grave CLEWE

And I am waiting now for the book to come out. Can’t wait to read more about him!

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