February 20 – Hopp & Kranz wedding

The merchants Hermann Henrich Meier and Eduard Crüsemann found the shipping company “Norddeutscher Lloyd” on February 20, 1857 in Bremen. Next to the Hamburg shipping company HAPAG (with which it merges in 1970 to be named Hapag-Lloyd) it was one of the most important of its kind worldwide. Already in 1858 Lloyd starts a regular transatlantic line from Bremen to New York. If your ancestors emigrated from Bremen, they definetly used a Lloyd vessel.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City opens its doors on February 20, 1872.

On February 20, 1829 my 3rd great grand uncle Claus KRANZ, a fisherman from Schlutup, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (today part of Lübeck) married his bride Elisabeth Wilhelmine Henrica HOPP, a bricklayer’s daughter from Schlutup.

One problem with my research in Schlutup: almost every second male member of the KRANZ family is named Claus or Hinrich or Claus Hinrich.

st. andreas
They married in the beautiful church of St. Andrews.
It is the same church Claus received his christening on April 22, 1798. His baptism entry in the local church book didn’t contain any information on his birth. For the church the sacrament of the baptism was the important detail, not the birth itself.
Claus was the oldest son of the fisherman Hans KRANZ and his wife Magdalena Geesche BUMANN.
Elisabeth got baptized there on August 11, 1805 – being born on July 26, 1805. She and her twin brother have been the firstborn children of the bricklayer Henning Leonhard HOPP and his wife Sophia Magdalena Christina née ZIMMERMANN.
The couple had three children I know of so far:
  • Hans Jürgen Kranz * 1833
  • Margarethe Elisabeth Kranz * 1835
  • Claus Hinrich Kranz * 1839

In the 1875 census Elisabeth is stated as widow, living with her oldes son and his family. I didn’t find an exact death date for Claus yet.
Elisabeth died in Schlutup on December 31, 1876

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