February 18 – Emma Sofie Margarethe Frahm

February 18, 1587: Mary, Queen of the Scots (a.k.a. Maria Stuart) gets executed after living in captivity for 19 years in Fotheringhay Castle. She had been convicted of being a part of the Babington Plot in 1586 – to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I.

The siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl, members of the White Rose, a non-violent, intellectual resistence group in Nazi Germany were arrested on February 18, 1943. They distributed flyers with “Anti-Nazi-Propaganda” at the university of Munich.

On my family tree we meet my 2nd cousin 4x removed.

Emma Sofie Margarethe FRAHM was born on February 18, 1872 in Boienhagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany. She was the ninth of ten children born into the marriage of the fee farmer Johann David Ernst FRAHM and his wife Maria Dorothea Anna née TRETOW.

She got confirmed in the church of Diedrichshagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany on April 18, 1886. The same church she married Wilhelm Johann Christian VOSS on October 21, 1902.

The couple had two children I know of so far: one son being born in 1907 and a daughter for who I don’t have an exact birth date yet.

Emma died one day following her 43rd wedding anniversary on October 22, 1945. Her daughter Margarethe registered her death with the officials.

Actually that is the only record I have so far for her daughter. Always watch out for information not directly related to the person you research. You never know what you find.



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