#52 Ancestors No. 7 – the mother of my Australian branch

52ancestors52 Ancestors is a wonderful challenge which Amy Crow from “No story too small” started in January. The goal sounds quite simple: 52 stories about 52 ancestors in 52 weeks. We’ll see how this turns out starting October 😉

My ancestor for this week is my first cousin 3x removed. She is the mother of my “Australian branch”. I told you about her son here and about her mother in this post.

Now it is time to tell her story.

It all starts in a tiny village in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Emma Christina Elisabeth SCHMIDT is born on the estate Tüschenbek on March 28, 1885. Her father Hans Jürgen Heinrich Schmidt worked there as a stableman.

Emma was the youngest of five children. She never met her oldest sister though, who died 1876 in the year of her birth.

When the estate Tüschenbek has been sold to its today’s owner (an insurance broker), all documents had been handed over to the local archive in Ratzeburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Some of the files were like treasure troves. For example the information that Emma received her first immunization against the smallpox on July 8, 1886. The doctor set 8 cuts and used human lymph. The poor baby had to suffer eight pustules which guaranteed the immunization success.

The 1896 census forms filled out by the estate show her living with her parents and her three older siblings Caroline, Heinrich and Johann on the estate.

And then I have a gap of 15 years.

Ulmer Johann Friedrich 1876-01 census

I received the document on the left from a fellow co-researcher. It looks like a census form from Bremen, but I couldn’t verify that yet.

The information about Emma is given on the right. Her birthdate and -place, her parents and the next line provided me with her wedding date: On May 6, 1911 in Bremen, Germany she married Johann Friedrich ULMER

Her previous residence is given with Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

This  map gives you an idea about the distance and the involved locations (watch out for Bremen on the lower left, maybe you have to scroll out a bit):

The last census for Lübeck which is available online is from 1880. Doesn’t really help. I have to check the city archive for the adress books of that time. I only have the ones from 1918 and 1912 – doesn’t help either.

I wonder why she went to Bremen. Did she meet her future husband Johann already somehow in Lübeck (and if yes, what did he do there) and moved with him to Bremen? Or did she go alone and met him there?

Emma and Johann had four children I know of because they are stated on the form above (all born in Bremen):

  • Adele Maria * January 27, 1913
  • Friedrich Ludwig Heinrich * September 17, 1916 (emigrating to Australia – here my Australian branch starts)
  • Anneliese Karoline * April 23, 1920
  • Hans Wilhelm * June 1, 1922

I didn’t find any death certificate for Emma yet.


4 thoughts on “#52 Ancestors No. 7 – the mother of my Australian branch

  1. You never said how she started the Australian branch. Did I miss this in a previous post? Will you cover it in a future post? Good story, though – it’s always frustrating to not know why an ancestor went from one location to another, and when.


    • Hi Larry, for her son Friedrich Ludwig Heinrich I added in brackets that he emigrated to Australia, but thanks for asking. I think I will put it in bold or rewrite the reference. I covered it already in one of my first posts. The link is added above in ” I told you about her son here”.


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