February 4 – Catharina Maria Elisabeth Wiencke

Happy 10th Birtday, Facebook!

The astronomers Tycho Brahe and Johannes Keppler meet for the first time on Benatek castle near Prague on February 4, 1600.

And the historical event on my family tree? It is the birthday of the wife of my 2nd great grand uncle Hans Jürgen Heinrich SCHMIDT.

Catharina Maria Elisabeth WIENCKE was born on February 4, 1849 in Groß Sarau, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. She received her christening on February 28, 1849 in Groß Grönau, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. As far as I have found out so far, she was the oldest child of the day labourer Johann Joachim Hermann WIENCKE and Christine Maria Sophie JENCKEL.

She married my 2nd great granduncle, a day labourer,  on April 17, 1876 in Groß Grönau. The couple had five children, the first one being born just 2 months following their wedding:

  • Maria Christina Elisabeth * June 6, 1876
  • Carolina Catharinar Dorothea * November 6, 1877
  • Heinrich * August 7, 1881
  • Joachim Johannes Karl * June 6, 1883
  • Emma Christina Elisabeth * March 28, 1885

And to make the connection to a story I already told you: the youngest daughter Emma is the mother of my Ulmer family which emigrated to Australia.

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