February 2 – August Friedrich Ernst KÖRNER

The dutch colony Nieuw Amsterdam (New Amsterdam) – today better known as New York – receives its town privileges on February 2, 1653.

Today in 1943 the 6th Army of the German Wehrmacht surrendered to the Soviet Red Army in Stalingrad.

In total, the Battle of Stalingrad resulted in an estimated 1.7-2 million Axis (German, Romanian, Italian) and Soviet casualties. Of the 91,000 German POWs taken at Stalingrad, only 5-6,000 returned back home by 1955. The remainder died in captivity or are still missing. Which leads me to the remark: if you come across a dogtag, no matter from what army, please return them to the country they belong to. Don’t sell them for a couple of bucks, that would be like killing them a second time.

On my family tree we mourn the death of August Friedrich Ernst KÖRNER for today. He died of old age on February 2, 1945 in  his house in Upahl, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

death certificate August Friedrich Ernst Körner

death certificate August Friedrich Ernst Körner

I think that the Theodor Körner who registered his death with the authorities is his son, born 1901. But I don’t want to assume anything not proven 😉

August was born on March 20, 1868 as the youngest child of Johann Joachim Heinrich KÖRNER, a fee farmer from Upahl, and his wife Maria Elisabeth Dorothea née KRUSE.

church & cemetary Diedrichshagen

church & cemetary Diedrichshagen


He received his lutheran confirmation in the church of Diedrichshagen on April 2, 1882.

In the same church he married Karolina Anna Maria DREVES on February 10, 1893

Their first child was born before the wedding in December 1892. In addition I found five more being born between 1894 and 1910. But I am sure there are more because I have a gap between child five and six of 9 years. That would be very uncommon.

This is the 1900 census entry for August:

census 1900 August Körner

census 1900 August Körner

And the 1919 census form shows August and Karolina living with three of their children and four farmhands / servants in Upahl.

1919 census August Körner

1919 census August Körner

And then I have a gap between 1919 and his death in 1945. I definetly have to check any military records I can find.










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